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taylor swift thumbs up

November 2008


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Nov. 30th, 2008

taylor swift thumbs up

thanksgiving break

Thanksgiving break was absolutley wonderful and it went by wayy too fast! Aunt Gaye, Uncle Billy, Ashley, Ryan, and William all came (just like every year) and we all had so much fun. Kelsey also came too :-) We held up all of our normal traditions: Thanksgiving day parade in the morning then Maria, William, Kelsey, and I all went for a run, and then we PIGGED OUT. The food was delicious, and Kelsey made her famous peanut-butter pie that was to die for! We all played cranium after dessert, that was fun too! And of course, we went to see the Christmas lights at Newport News park and then came home to exchange Christmas presents. I wish I could have spent the holiday with Nate, but I was glad that he was able to have his own Thanksgiving dinner. A civilian over there on Okinawa invited him and the other like 50 guys he works with over to his house for dinner.. I haven't talked to him, but I'm hoping it was good and he had some fun! Tomorrow is December first, getting closer and closer to the New Year and seeing Nate again. can't wait!!

The summer before 6th grade .. so 2001 .. Kelsey was visiting and we watched the movie crossroads and decided to copy it in a way.  We made a box of memories and such from our 5th grade school year (when we met), and then added a few things to it here and there.  We opened it up over break and had some great laughs, it was so funny! There was also a picture in there that we had forgotten about and it was pretty cool to see how little we looked!  Last night we started a new box. We wrote about our first semester in college, and we made a list of favorite things, etc.  We are going to add to it whenever we see each other.. like if I go to Tech to visit we will write about the weekend and then I'll add the notes to the box when I go home. We took another picture to add as well.  We decided to open this one at one of our bridal shower's. It is such a cool thing to me, and I can't wait for like 5 years from now to see what things have changed and what things havent.

I got back to school about four hours ago and got right to work.  I unpacked, made some coffee to wake myself up, and started working on my paper. It isn't due until Wednesday, but I finished it. yay! I needed to get it out of the way because I've also go a Chemistry exam on Wednesday. Tomorrow starts our last week of classes before finals; I am so ready to finish this semester!